To provide support for the organization, Don Area Co-op employs a small group of paid staff.

When you drop by our office, you’re bound to meet Denise Bezaire. Our co-ordinator since 1989, Denise serves the board and supports the work of committees. Her duties include greeting the public and managing the administrative aspects of the co-op. Denise is an active member of CoAction Staff Association.

Our maintenance manager is Carlos Ristoris. Carlos is responsible for maintenance and capital projects at the co-op. He was welcomed to the team in September 2014, bringing with him many years of experience and knowledge.

Another long-term staff member is our bookkeeper, Barrie Pollock. Barrie’s role behind the scenes has added context and continuity to our operations for over twenty-five years. He continues to provide us with solid financial information and guidance. Several co-ops in the Toronto area make use of his bookkeeping services.